Too Harsh? Griese Suspended For Taco Comment

Jim Utter of the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER reports that Bob Griese has been suspended for one game for his “taco” comment about Juan Pablo Montoya.


Griese was forced to apologize at the end of his Minnesota-Ohio State telecast on Saturday and then again during halftime of ESPN’s Mississippi State-Florida.

Montoya’s response when asked by reporters was, “I don’t really care to tell you the truth.

ESPN suspends Griese for game for “taco” comment. Too harsh?

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Based on Griese’s apologies, and Montoya’s non-response, I think ESPN went overboard in suspending the guy. I certainly don’t think there was malice in his initial comment, more a reflexive reaction based on the generation Griese grew up in.

I’m not saying that excuses the comment. I do think an apology was due, and a reprimand by ESPN. But taking the guy off the telecast seems a little too harsh in this instance.

Griese is now one of ESPN/ABC’s lesser broadcasting lights. If this were Brent Musburger or Al Michaels, do you think they would’ve been suspended? Perhaps this is a convenient way for ESPN to make a strong statement without harming the stature of a weekly broadcast. I doubt most people will notice Griese is gone.