Tonya Harding Won’t Die Until The Fat Lady Sings

The rock opera inspired by the Tonya Harding - Nancy Kerrigan rivalry in the 1994 Winter Olympics must go on.

tonya harding opera opening night

“Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera” will still be playing in a Portland, Oregon theater, as the show has done since its original chamber opera incarnation in 2006. The first 100 theatergoers were treated to a complimentary copy of “Tonya & Jeff: The Sex Tape.” Or so I might have heard.

The BOSTON HERALD tells us that the show’s producers credit the long run with Harding’s endorsement of the show when she appeared at the show’s opening night.

“And you know what? She was wonderful,” said (opera co-creator Elizabeth) Searle. “We saw the best side of her. She was generous and funny and focused her attention on the show. People in the audience said she was laughing, and then at the end, she led the standing ovation.”

Of course she gave it a standing ovation. Tonya loves it when people make a skeptical of her life.