Tony Stewart: ‘I’d Rather You Kick Me In The Balls’

Jay Busbee of FROM THE MARBLES reports on Tony Stewart’s hair raising ordeal to generate money for charity. Apparently Stewart is known for his “famously furry” back, and he recently agreed to have it waxed if charitable contributions to NASCAR’s Victory Gang Foundation totaled more than $100,000.

Tony Stewart Gets Back Waxed

(Tony Stewart getting back waxed - or a pulled pork sandwich)

Once the money rolled in, Stewart was a man of his word. Speaking of words, he had more than a few NSFW ones during the procedure.

You can listen to the audio here. Stewart, while tearing up after one of the tear aways: “You can kick me in the balls and I will not cry tonight. I’ll tell you what, I’d rather you kick me in the balls right now.”

Of course, no post on this subject would be complete without a Youtube link to the Steve Carell back-waxing scene in “40-year-old Virgin.” So we present the behind-the-scenes version!