Tony Stewart Caught in the Act Being Really Huffy

This is Tony Stewart’s time of the year as a NASCAR racer, when he’s at his competitive best on the track. After his narrow defeat Sunday, cameras and microphones captured Stewart pitching a fit that has us wondering if it’s also his time of the month?

FROM THE MARBLES’ Jay Busbee transcribes part of Stewart’s exchange with crew chief Greg Zipadelli as follows:

Tony (sarcasm dripping into the microphone): Good job there, guys, we gave another one away today. Great job.

Zip: 10-4. Great attitude there, Smoke. We stalled it a couple times on pit road there and gave up a spot. We win and lose as a team. It was a great effort, okay? Enough of that [garbage, for the under-12s in the house].

Tony: The difference is, I got [the places I lost] back.

Announcers: [Dead, uncomfortable silence.]

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s the video of said exchange:

You stay classy, Smoke.