Stewart Shows Off His Calm Racetrack Demeanor

Tony Stewart, non-ambiturning superstar, will be spending lots of time on the sidelines of NASCAR races sooner than later, with the news that he split from Gibbs Racing to kind of go off on his own.

Tony Stewart

Essentially the move will give him substantial ownership in his own company as he finishes out his career & becomes a crotchety old man who harasses NASCAR officials. But, it should come as no surprise to anyone that even remotely follows racing that Stewart isn’t exactly waiting until he retires to go nuts. Video (from LBS) of Tony’s freakout after the jump, and tomahawk chops to Jay Busbee at FROM THE MARBLES, who has slow-mo shots and funny captions.

Now, if you don’t mind, please follow the blue shirt.

Notice that Tony not only a) shoves an official in the chest, but b) shoves another official and c) steals a headset. Some might call this “outrageous” and some might call it “immature”. I’m going to call it the “beginning of my anxious wait to see Tony Stewart owning cars full time.”