Parcells Pal Leads Voting For Next Dolphins Coach

Upon the canning of Cam Cameron, the MIAMI HERALD has invited its readers to vote for their choice of the next Dolphins coach.

Miami Herald Dolphins coach voting

Surprisingly, current Cowboys assistant (and Bill Parcells buddy) Tony Sparano leads the pack so far, placing ahead of such former NFL head coaches as Bill Cowher, Brian Billick and Marty Schottenheimer. 13% of those polled are even holding out hope that new football VP ends up hiring himself.

So, who was being interviewed by the ‘Fins today?

No one. And that comes straight from Parcells’ mouth to the media.

DOLPHINS IN DEPTH reports how Bill drove up to a gaggle of reporters waiting outside the Dolphins practice facility. (The media is not allowed inside.) Parcells then rolled down his window and said, “Hey guys, there will be no coaches interviewed today.

Tony Sparano Bill Parcells

When asked to clarify, Bill responded, “I wouldn’t lie to you. You can go home. There will be no interviews today.”

Well, that was nice of him.