Tony Romo Keeps Showing Up And We Don’t Care

Perhaps inspired by his lady love Jessica Simpson (who obviously was re-inspired by him for her next album), Tony Romo took his windpipe to the Windy City to try and wow the denizens of Wrigley Field (try being the operative word).

Tony Romo Chicago Cubs

The Cowboys QB was invited to sing during the seventh-inning stretch of Sunday’s Cubs game. And as Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE belts out, he wasn’t a welcomed sight (with video after the jump).

During his introduction, Romo was treated to a chorus of boos - the same reaction he got when he threw out the game’s first pitch. And once the song started, Tony couldn’t carry a tune.

But like any smart field general, Romo knew when to cut his losses - he more or less stopped singing, and waved his microphone out the window to let the fans do the dirty work.

Jessica Simpson at Dallas Cowboys game

If only Jess was in the booth with him - not just for vocalizing, but to give fans some scenery to distract them from Romo’s rough rambling. Even this gal would’ve been fine.

As MDS points out, Romo grew up about 75 miles away from Chicago in the burg of Burlington, Wisconsin, and attended college at Eastern Illinois. But the football player’s homegrown proximity didn’t seem to matter to the Cub faithful.

Of course, if Romo was with the Bears instead of the NFC-rival Cowboys, the reception might have been different.

Then again, wouldn’t Chicago fans be jeering just the same if it was Rex Grossman crooning to the Cubs crowd?

Tuffy here. I was at the game yesterday and bring photographic evidence of the Tony Romo Experience:

Tony Romo

(Credit to Romo for skipping the jacket despite the lousy conditions)

Tony Romo

(”Watch the hands, Tony… I’m the wrong blonde”)

Tony Romo

(They’re not cheering)

Tony Romo

(Tony’s on the left, pointing the mic out the window. Please note the cameraman on the right, helping Tony in case he loses count after “One”)

Tuffy to Jason: It wasn’t quite Ditka-esque singing, but he definitely moves into the pantheon.