Romo & Simpson Rumored To Be Getting Hitched

Cowboys fans can keep cringing, as Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson could soon be tying the knot:

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson at Hawaii airport

Shaq & Kidd’s new team debuts could have gone better.

Amani Toomer doesn’t really Hail to the Victors much these days.

The Lakers’ Coby Karl had a busy Tuesday, playing two pro basketball games back to back.

The Philies’ Jimmy Rollins is a cheap date.

Former ‘MNF’ sideliner Lisa Guerrero wants to be a movie star, and hubby Scott Erickson is determined to make it happen:

Lisa Guerrero Monday Night Football

A little something for the ladies: CNBC’s Darren Rovell in a Speedo swimsuit.

If Emmitt Smith could only speak as well on ESPN as he does stumping for Barack Obama.

A-Rod was only kidding when he said he was tested 9 to 10 times for steroids. Right?

Kelvin Sampson’s career at Indiana has been cut off.