A-Tony-Ment: Romo Attends Simpson Sis Wedding

As gossip hounds & Cowboys fans speculate on the soulmate status of Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson, Bill Zwecker of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES has the latest on the lovebirds.

Tony Romo Jessica Simpson at Mavericks game

Both were in attendance in Encino, CA, on Saturday for Simpson sis Ashlee’s wedding. Romo was present to escort maid-of-honor Jessica, and things seem to be going along swimmingly. As one source told Zwecker:

“You would never know that anything bad was going on between them. He looked great, she looked beautiful and they were smiling and laughing for most of the night.”

Obviously, he didn’t get a chance to sing at the reception. But were all the pleasantries just a put-on?

The ceremony spy added that as the evening went on, Tony & Jess weren’t engaged so much in the reception’s revelry:

”I saw them over in a corner near the end of the night, having what looked like a very serious, intense conversation.”

And that wasn’t the only test for Tony:

Romo also supposedly ”looked a little uncomfortable” when chatting with father-of-the-bride Joe Simpson (who performed the non-denominational marriage ceremony). According to various reports, Joe Simpson practically ”begged” the former Eastern Illinois University gridiron star to attend the wedding, even though he and Jessica have allegedly split up — a story the actress and singer’s reps firmly deny.

Well, who wouldn’t be uncomfortable jawing with Joe?

But those looking for some shots of Tony & Jess’ awkward enjoyment, you’re out of luck. Rush & Molloy of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS gives us this news flash:

Guests had to turn over cameras and cell phones because the couple sold exclusive photo rights to People for a rumored seven figures.

What a gyp! Well, on our next trip to 7-11, we’ll just skip that portion of the magazine rack.

But so you dear readers don’t go home empty handed, here’s a stylish pic of Jessica in an old-school bikini:

Jessica Simpson bikini

You’re welcome.