Blog-O-Romo: Tony & Jess Split - True or False?

• Have Tony & Jessica really called it quits? Alan Peppard of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS says Yes, while Mark Malkin of E! ONLINE says No.

Tony Romo Jessica Simpson Blue Icing Birthday Cake Kiss

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS thunders down news that Dan Majerle doesn’t want to be the Suns’ next head coach, but wouldn’t mind an assistant’s job.

• BABES LOVES BASEBALL is infatuated with how Manny Ramirez catches a fly ball, high-fives a fan in the bleachers, and still throws a guy out at first.

• BASKETBAWFUL chows down on the Ultimate Experience for some lucky Pacers fan - lunch with Larry Bird!

• YAHOO’s PUCK DADDY fashions that Don Cherry’s arrival is already having an adverse affect on Barry Melrose’s ESPN wardrobe.

• THE LADIES… are especially distraught over the demise of the Arizona State wrestling team.

• SEATOWN SPORTS hikes over a brief summary of the Madden cover curse.

• THE 700 LEVEL describes the wild scene at Tuesday night’s Phillies game, complete with underage beer busts & hot dog fights.

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