Who Needs Triple-A When You Have Tony Romo?

Maybe the “aw shucks” persona that Tony Romo has isn’t just an act. Consider this story from the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM: Despite having just returned from a plane ride from Cleveland after playing a game against the Browns where he needed 13 stitches to close a cut under his chin, the Dallas QB pulled over on his way home that night to help a couple fix their flat tire.

Tony Romo Cowboys practice

Bill and Sharon White are huge Cowboy fans who were coming home from an out-of-town trip. At first they didn’t recognize the nice, well-dressed young man with the bandage on his chin who pulled over to help them out. But once Sharon got a good glimpse at him, she was stunned:

“I didn’t want to bother him,” Sharon said, “but I asked again, ‘You’re Tony Romo, right?’ ” I knew it was him by then. But he smiled and said, ‘Yes, ma’am.’

“Sharon: “I did something no 50-year-old woman should be doing, but I screamed real loud, and then jumped up and hugged him.

“Bill’s immediate response was “Don’t tell me how you guys did. I’m going home to watch it.”

Which, of course, sums up the hardcore sports fan pretty succinctly. He wasn’t worried that his wife was physically smothering another man. No, he just wanted to make sure Romo didn’t open his mouth and ruin the game for him.

As you may know, Romo’s girlfriend (& Eagles agitator) Jessica Simpson is trying to be a country singer now. If she really wants cred with the haystacks and moonshine crowd, she’d do what any self-respecting female singer like Faith Hill would do: Hunt the woman down who starting huggin’ on her man and kick her behind.

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