Tony Romo Carrie Underwood Coupling Broken Apart Thanks To Romo Commitment to Cowboys

TONY ROMO COMMITS TO COWBOYS CAREER OVER CARRIE: The NATIONAL ENQUIRER has news today that Tony Romo is playing the “work” card to dump Carrie Underwood.

Tony Romo

Romo reportedly told Underwood that he wants to dial down the relationship during football season, which only last six months!

Tony Romo Carrie Underwood

A source to the Enquirer said Romo had made the same request for space previously, but this time “Carrie thought that they were moving closer to a more committed relationship.

Romo’s latest move means the coupling is likely over, as “Carrie wants a firm commitment from Tony.”

UPDATE: The NATIONAL LEDGER reports Ted Casablanca of E! Online is claiming Jessica Simpson is to blame for the breakup: “Tony invited (Jessica) to Dallas, and she’s going. Of course, he doesn’t want Carrie to find out.

The two are reportedly “already spending lots of time together, as in entire weekends.