Tony Romo Beats Tom Brady And Peyton Manning As NFL Jersey Best Seller

COWBOYS QB ROMO NUMERO UNO IN NFL JERSEY SALES: Drink up, Tony Romo! Your #9 is now #1 in the hearts and wallets of NFL fans.

Tony Romo drink jersey

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY ships out news that the duds of the Dallas QB were the most purchased on the league’s merchandise site, April to October, more consumers lassoed Romo’s jersey than the uniforms of LaDainian Tomlinson (#2), Peyton Manning (#3), or even 9-0 Tom Brady (#4).

The top ten sellers list rounds out with Brian Urlacher, Brett Favre, Brady Quinn (who has yet to play), Reggie Bush, Adrian Peterson, and Steelers DB Troy Polamalu (hair sold separately).

Troy Polamalu fans hair

Romo’s rocketing fame also helped the Cowboys take the top spot in total team merchandise sales, ahead of the Bears and Steelers.Sophia must be proud. And Carrie. And Jessica. And Britney.