Blog-O-*Hic*-Rama: DUI-Inspired La Russa Jersey

• JOE SPORTS FAN gives a toast to this clever Tony La Russa jersey.

Tony La Russa DUI jersey

• DEADSPIN wants to know if you approve of Rachel Nichols.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS notes the 3rd time’s the charm for Brandon Rush declaring for the NBA draft.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING changes the channel, as some Yankees seem to be complaining about ESPN’s baseball schedule.

Darren Rovell of CNBC gets Kobe Bryant’s thoughts on the Olympic protests.

• WITH LEATHER boogies down with a rap video featuring soccer wife Cheryl Cole wearing a necklace that reads “Available.”

• The PUGET SOUND BUSINESS JOURNAL notes the people have spoken, and the new Seattle MLS team will be known as the Sounders - thanks to a successful write-in campaign.

• Jay Sorgi of 620 WTMJ Milwaukee is feeling the Buzz over Marquette’s new coach.

• LION IN OIL offers up this S.A.B. of S.O.B.s - Billy Packer & Dick Cheney.