Tony Kornheiser Of PTI Reports Craigslist Spring Training Posting Fails To Credit Website That Found It

HAIL TO THE THIEF! (AND WE AREN’T TALKING DUBYA): First we had George W. Bush’s “internets” and now Tony Kornheiser unveils another startling technological discovery: “Craiglist”.

Tony Kornheiser PTI

During PTI Friday evening, the Spring Training personal ad posted on that was first discovered by TheBigLead and later mentioned on SbB, WithLeather, and Deadspin (no doubt to name just a few) was given ham-fisted tribute by Kornheiser, who called the online classified site “Craiglist“.

Remember, Feb. 17 was the original date of the post, so to say it’s a coincidence that PTI thieves staffers found the posting on the same day as TBL is like saying America breathlessly awaits another Fockers sequel.