Tony Gonzalez Goes Over the Middle, Saves Life

Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez still has a step on mere mortals, able to beat them to any spot in any place. That’s fortunate for a southern California man whose life was saved by Gonzalez when the man’s inability to chew properly caused him to choke on a piece of meat in a Huntington Beach, CA, restaurant.

Heimlich maneuver

Everyone in the restaurant froze except Gonzalez, who turned turned in his best play of the offseason by administering the Heimlich maneuver on the 45-year-old until the meat extricated itself. (Who said football players couldn’t play both ways? That’s a tackle Deion Sanders would have never completed.)

So is first aid training part of the NFL minicamp program? Not exactly; Gonzalez has never received formal training. “I had seen it done, so I just did it,” stated Gonzalez. We assume he took in multiple viewings of the fine ABC drama “Emergency” in syndication as a child. Man, we could totally intubate our friends as a kid. Neat trick on the playground.

Update (7/8/08 11:30 am ET): Yes, we’re an idiot.