Tony Dungy’s Lost Credit Card Returned By Fan

If Tony Dungy seems a bit distracted right now, he has every right to be. It’s not very often that the coach finds his Indianapolis Colts at 1-2 and out of first place in the AFC South, and he’s been using the Colts bye week to help figure out a way to get his team back on track. He’s also using the time off to run some errands around the house, and after a recent trip to the gas station, Tony left something rather important behind.

Dungy was on the phone with somebody (my guess is God) while pumping gas, and he swiped his credit card at the pump to pay for it. The problem was, since he was on the phone he couldn’t put the card back in his wallet, so just placed it atop the pump until he hung up. Then he hung up, got in his car and drove off leaving the credit card behind.

From the INDYSTAR:

Brian Keitell found the credit card and was surprised by the owner’s name.

“It had Anthony Kevin Dungy on it,” said Keitell, 40, Indianapolis. “I figured it was him. What’s the chance of there being another Dungy?”

Keitell contacted the Colts, who informed Dungy his lost credit card had been found.

Keitell then drove the card over to the Colts headquarters and dropped it off, and he was given a collector’s edition autographed football for his troubles. A couple of hours later Keitell’s phone was ringing, and it was Dungy calling him to thank him personally for returning his card.

That’s nice, but Tony is lucky he just won a Super Bowl a few years ago. I don’t think Scott Linehan or Lane Kiffin would have their cards returned to them at this point.  Hell, Linehan’s players wouldn’t even give him his card back right now. They’d probably just use it to register for a bunch of kiddie porn sites under his name in hopes he’d get fired.

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