Tonight’s E! True Hollywood Story: Baseball Wives

Can’t wait for T.O.’s new reality show to hit the tube? Maybe an E! True Hollywood Story about baseball wives will tide you over in the meantime.

Jennie Finch Heidi Hamels Laura Posada

(Left to right - Jennie, Heidi, Laura)

Tonight’s episode (10 p.m. Eastern, check local listings) features such baseball better halves as Jennie Finch (sexy softball star & wife of Astros pitcher Casey Daigle), Heidi Hamels (ex-”Survivor” contestant, Playboy poser & wife of Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels) and Laura Posada (ex-model- slash-actress & wife of Yankees catcher Jorge Posada).

Sounds like a killer lineup. But not everyone was so gung-ho about showing up in the show.

(More pics after the jump.)

At first, Laura was apprehensive about doing the program, but a chat with the show’s producers eventually convinced her to appear on the episode. And now Mrs. Posada hopes tonight’s show sets the record straight about unfair stereotypes associated with being the wife a of a major league athlete.

As she tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS (via BITTEN & BOUND):

“People think that just because you’re married to a baseball player, that you’re dumb, that you’re a gold-digger, that you’re an ex-stripper. That’s not the way it is.”

Well, not much of a reason to tune in then, is there?

Then again, maybe there is (click on pics for larger versions):

Jennie Finch US softball

Jennie Finch swimsuit

Jorge & Laura Posada

Laura Posada

Heidi Strobel aka Heidi Hamels

Heidi Strobel aka Heidi Hamels