Tonight Is National Clean Out The Garage Night Thanks To ESPN And Womens Final Four

NATIONAL CLEAN-OUT-THE-GARAGE NIGHT IS TONIGHT: Unless you’re single (then it’s date night), this evening marks national clean-out-the-garage night, thanks to ESPN’s decision to cover the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final tonight on ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, ESPNU, ESPN360, ESPN International (112 countries), ESPNNEWS, ESPN Radio, and (tipoff via Lion in Oil)

Clean Out The Garage NCAA Womens Basketball Final Four Cleveland

I would have absolutely no problem with that coverage if a viable, bipedal organism besides blood relatives of the players, gender-neutral university officials, and/or AARP card-clutching school booster club members watched the game. But the sad fact remains that no one is watching, and yes, that includes WOMEN.

ESPN’s decision tonight to cast a urine-soaked blanket on its viewership reminds me of California politicians pandering to illegal aliens (think driver’s licenses for illegals). Illegal aliens aren’t citizens, contribute profoundly to the state’s prison population, don’t vote and send any money they earn in the U.S. back over the border, so how do you benefit from the brownnosing?

Same thing with ESPN allocating huge resources to cover women’s sports (while alienating viewers). Besides perhaps mitigating the negative perception of its office environs following some sexual harrassment spats, it’s nonsensical to air events that interest only the terminally infirmed.

Lee Corso Nude

But before I get too worked up, I have to remember that this is also the same network that pays Beano Cook and Lee Corso to be experts on college football.