Tonga World Cup Rugby Team Was Not Allowed To Dye Hair

HAIRIED TONGANS TOLD TO GIVE UP GREEN FOR TOURNEY: In a hair-raising decision, the Tonga rugby team wasn’t allowed to do-and-dye for a do-or-die World Cup match:

Tonga rugby green hair

RUGBY HEAVEN teases us the news that the International Rugby Union did not permit the Pacific Islanders to dye their hair green for their elimination game against England.

The Tongans wanted to do the new ‘dos to show thanks to Paddy Power, an Ireland-based betting company that had been helping finance the cash-strapped squad. One player, Epi Taione, even changed his name to ‘Paddy Power’ for the rugby tournament.

Even though the players already went through with it, the IRU told them to dye it back, saying the emerald hi-lites would go against sponsorship rules of the World Cup. Also, Taione’s new moniker was ignored by the Union, as he was listed in the official programs with his original name.

Tonga Rugby Haka dance

It’s a shame, as Tonga could have used a little luck of the Irish. Instead, they were paddled 36-20 by the English.