Tommy Tuberville Claims To Be In Arkansas On Hunting Trip

TOMMY LIKES POSSUM RARE, WITH A SIDE OF SPARE TIRE: As we suspected, the numerous Arkansas main media reports that Tommy Tuberville had agreed to take over the Razorback football program were bogus, and probably planted by wishful thinkers in the Hogs’ athletic department.

Tommy Tuberville

Today the BIRMINGHAM NEWS reports that Tuberville has made no such commit to Arkansas (at least according to Auburn AD Jay Jacobs) BUT has been unavailable for live comment this week because of a pre-scheduled hunting trip to … Arkansas.Excerpt: “The coach is in Arkansas on a previously planned hunting trip and is scheduled to return to Auburn today.”

We’d like any person outside of Joplin, MO., who has taken a “planned hunting trip” to Arkansas that didn’t involve a roadkill roadside snack to please contact us at 1-866-PIG****.

And we had no idea that Tuberville was in such dire financial straits. Anyone who needs to spend a week in Arkansas rooting out wild boar in order to get a raise really needs to consider another line of work. But we suppose it could be worse - at least he didn’t have to do it with Bob Knight.