Tommy Morrison to Fight on Internet Pay Per View

It’s been a few years since former two-time heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison has been in the headlines, and in those few opportunities when anybody is talking about him these days, his boxing career is seldom the subject. That’s bound to happen when a positive test for HIV ends your boxing career as it did for Morrison back in 1996, but there’s been plenty of controversy about that blood test ever since.

Tommy Morrison

Morrison has fought since that positive test a few times, and also claims that he never had HIV and that the test results were a “false-positive.” Of course, there was also an article in the ARIZONA REPUBLIC - I scoured the internets for the original story, but it’s no longer on the paper’s website - back in June 2007 in which Morrison’s former agent, Randy Lang, said that not only was Morrison HIV-positive, but that he also had Hepatitis C. So really, it seems that nobody knows for sure whether Morrison is sick or not, but we do know he’ll be fighting later this month, though it won’t be in a boxing match.


Who’s Your Daddy Productions is pleased to announce that it has reached a promotional agreement with two time World Heavyweight Champion Tommy “The Duke” Morrison.  Morrison has embarked on a comeback which will continue as part of the only complete combat sport event in the world, Ultimate Xplosion.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to promote such an accomplished and controversial fighter. Mr. Morrison fits the mold that embodies “Who’s Your Daddy Productions,” Intrigue, Controversy and a complete disregard for authority.  Mr. Morrison’s comeback is alive and well and will continue in the US under our label” states WYDP Director of Operations.  “Who’s Your Daddy Productions” has paved new roads in combat sports over the last six years by combining all combat sports on one event.  This format along with innovations in production format and distribution gives “Who’s Your Daddy Productions” an opportunity to become a major player in 2009. “We truly believe we have found a winning formula that will take the combat community by storm in the next calendar year.”

The press release also goes on to say that Morrison underwent a whole battery of tests and “Morrison was pronounced fit to compete and free of any disqualifying medical conditions.” Which is a nice way of saying he doesn’t have AIDS. Of course, not everybody actually believes this to be true, as there are some concerns about a fight Morrison is supposed to have later this year in Australia against John Hopoate.

Personally, I don’t know what to believe. You’d think that if Morrison really was HIV-negative, he’d have gotten back into the boxing ring years ago and continued on the career path he had been. Yet for the last 13 years any fight he’s been in has either been in West Virginia, Mexico, or anywhere else that the rules and restrictions are a bit more lax. All I know is I wouldn’t want to step in a ring with him, and it has nothing to do with fear of his left hook.