Tommy Bowden Turns Down Arkansas Football Coaching Job

ARKANSAS GETTING COACHES PAID ALL OVER THE PLACE: First we reported last week that Tommy Tuberville was tangoing with Arkansas about its football coaching vacancy, and now Tommy Bowden of Clemson has held his school hostage received a contract extension after the Razorbacks expressed interest in his services.

Arkansas Razorbacks Fans

This is yet another example of a coachless mid-level BCS program pretending to be big time and getting out over its skis in the types of coaches that it pursues. Arkansas isn’t going to lure a big name unless there is some sort of pox attached (Franchione) so the Hogs may as well do their homework and search out a top coach from a lower level school (Peterson) or a respected assistant at a major program (Cutcliffe).

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And then there’s always Mark Mangino, but since Bojangles hasn’t franchised the Northwest Arkansas region just yet, we doubt that’ll happen:

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