Don’t Wine About Seaver Skipping All-Star Game

Of the 64 Baseball Hall of Famers still alive & well, 50 of them made it out to Yankee Stadium Tuesday for the All Star Game. However, Tom Seaver was not among them.

Tom Seaver Mets

NEW YORK NEWSDAY drinks in the news that the former Mets great couldn’t be in town this week, because of an alcohol problem.

That is, Tom was too busy producing wine.

Seaver’s right in the middle of grape-growing season, and he has to make sure only the best bourdeauxs and mightiest merlots make it off of his GTS Vineyards. (The GTS is short for George Thomas Seaver, his real full name.)

Such is the wild world of winemaking that Tom couldn’t partake in the All-Star festivities:

“I appreciate the historical significance of the All-Star Game and Yankee Stadium,” Seaver said. “I got my 300th win there. But I’m not retired. I just put in a new section of my vineyard in California. As much as I wanted to be there, I just couldn’t get away.”

He could have at least sent a few bottles to the Bronx in his absence.