Tom Riccio Finds New Ways of Cashing in on O.J.

Say what you will about memorabilia collector Tom Riccio but the guy definitely is making a killing off his pal O.J. Simpson.

Tom Riccio on CNN Talking About O.J. Simpson

Riccio, who has used already used his “fame” gained from recording Simpson stealing memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel room to publish a book and thoroughly whore himself out to the media, has come up with another way to cash in on the incident.

Norm Clarke, easily the best eye-patch wearing journalist in the business, of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL reports that Riccio will be a “walking, talking sponsorship opportunity during the O.J. trial, which starts September 8.

If your company is looking for a little exposure, the kind of national exposure a trial involving a former football star who definitely did not murder his wife and her friend, pony up $7,500 bucks and Riccio will place your ad on the limo he takes to the courthouse.  

If that price tag is a little steep, Riccio has some other options available. For $5, ooo you can place your ad on the limo on non-court days. “Pay him $5,000 and he’ll have dinner at your restaurant the day he testifies. The fee is $2,500 for breakfast and $2,000 to do lunch at your eatery that day.”

Maybe your brand could use an endorsement from a trustworthy spokesperson like Riccio, “For $5,000 Riccio will plug your product or company during talk-show appearances (”15- to 30-second pitch”).“ 

Jon Fondy, director of the Las Vegas-based advertising and marketing company XY7, which is assisting Riccio, said the sponsorship phase began last week. Fondy said club and online gaming sites have shown the most interest, “because of the enormous amount of exposure they would get.”

Who knew being friends with O.J. could be so profitable? A.C. Cowlings didn’t. Neither did Kato Kaelin. Who knows what would have happened to those guys if they only had Riccio’s entrepreneurial spirit?