Tom Kelly Los Angeles Sportscaster Told Former Dodger Owner Walter OMalley To Buy A Radio

ANNOUNCER TO DODGER OWNER: “BUY A G– D— RADIO“: SbB contributor and LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS Columnist Tom Hoffarth recently did an extensive profile on longtime L.A. sportscaster Tom Kelly (no relation to the former Twins skipper, though both are cantankerous).

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Kelly was the voice of USC seemingly going back to the ancient days of Troy (if you are over the age of 30, you’d recognize his voice), and also a fixture for boxing telecasts and L.A.-based sports reporting.

Kelly has one of the few voices that can rival Vin Scully, and he told Hoffarth that instead of broadcasting USC sports for almost a half-century, he was very nearly partnered with the golden-voiced one early on, except for his unwillingness to provide then-Dodger Owner Walter O’Malley with a tape of his work.

In 1963, Dodger PR man Red Patterson told Kelly that O’Malley wanted him to send a tape to him. Kelly, who was a broadcast stalwart in the L.A. market at the time, and was calling legendary USC football teams year after year, had this response for Patterson - directed at O’Malley.:
Does Mr. O’Malley know that I’m on the radio Monday through Friday from 6-to-10 a.m on the Bob Crane Show?

Does Mr. O’Malley know that I’m on from 4-to-6 every Monday Through Friday doing the Elroy Hirsch Show for KNX? … Does he also know I’ll be doing 12 USC football games and 30 basketball games on the radio this year?”

Yes,” said Patterson.

Kelly: “Tell Mr. O’Malley that I’ll buy him a G– D– radio.”

Years later, Kelly played golf with O’Malley, and Hoffarth reports his comments finally caught up with him