Tom Cruise Wants To Hang More With David Beckham

TOM CRUISE WANTS A PLAY DATE WITH DAVID BECKHAM: It’s been a rough year for David Beckham. Comes all the way to L.A. to play, and he gets hurt halfway through. Now that the season’s over, what’s a famous soccer star to do?

David Beckham Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has the answer!

THE SUPERFICIAL buddies up with the batsh*t-crazy actor, and finds out what special plans Tommy has concocted in order to cheer up Becks: “We will go out and fly some airplanes or race some cars or something like that

Of course, Cruise knows well enough to obtain the proper permission: “I’ll talk to Victoria and see if she’s all right with that. But we’ll have some fun.”

Katie Holmes Victoria Beckham

We guess Katie Holmes has no say in the matter. But we’re sure she’d love to get away from the hubby for a while.

Not that it matters to TC, who may have found a new life partner: “I know what a competitor he is, and I have great admiration for him as an athlete, as a father, and as a husband…and as a lover.”

OK, that last one’s a fake. But who knows if Tom might do his darnedest to make it real.