Tom Brady Gives Flashing Female Courtroom Fans Thrill At Charlie Weis Trial

FEMALE FANS FLASH BRADY AS WEIS’ TRIALS CONTINUE: If you’ve been following the Charlie Weis gastric bypass surgery malpractice lawsuit, it’s becoming pretty clear that the coach probably got some bad legal advice before launching the legal action.

Charlie Weis Gastric Bypass Surgery Malpractice Trial

The Wizard of Odds has the definitive web account of the trial, and after reading two minutes of the court reporting, it becomes clear that it’s time for the ND coach to punt.

Tom Brady Cellphone Photos Charlie Weis Trial

The only glimmer of hope for Weis appears to have come from Tom Brady’s testimony on Friday. The best Weis’ lawyers can now hope for as the trial winds down is a photo finish - which Brady already has given courtroom observers.