Today’s Instant Replay Controversy: Girls Track

It’s not that the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association doesn’t believe in instant replay — they might — it’s just they don’t believe every video that falls into their lap. The WIAA is under scrutiny for disqualifying state 3,200-meter winner Nicole Cochran, despite third party video evidence showing it wasn’t her, but her teammate who should have been DQ’d.

Abraham Zapruder

(Sorry, Abraham Zapruder. Your services are not needed.)

Since the WIAA “prohibits the use of unauthorized video for reviews”, the crystal clear FLOTRACK.COM footage won’t sway the final ruling.

Her coach, Matt Ellis, lays out a laundry list of reasons the disqualification is the fishiest thing this side of Pike Place Fish Market:

• The official ruling says the penalty was on Lap 7, despite the official throwing up the flag on Lap 6

• One of the two officials refused to sign off on the DQ

• Even though Cochran did make contact with Brent Barry as she crossed the finish line, it definitely wasn’t in the act of shooting

One of those might not be entirely accurate. But in a true show of sports(wo)manship, official gold medal winner Amanda Nelson took the medal and draped it around Cochran’s torso. Aw shucks, now it’s getting dusty in here.