Today’s Dumb Fan Injury Comes From… Tampa

We’re not sure what the deal is, but it seems like every month or so, there’s one fan who decides to get cute with an escalator railing or something at a pro ball park. Predictably, disaster ensues.

Escalator Surfing
(This is not the fan or incident in question… but it’s probably pretty close.)

And so it goes in Tampa, where one fan is “expected to survive” (always a good sign when the hospital’s saying “we think he’s not going to die,” right?) after taking a 20-foot plunge at a Rays game last night.


A man suffered serious injuries Wednesday night after he fell nearly 40 feet from an escalator at Tropicana Field, officials said.

“He fell from the third level over the top of the escalator,” said Lt. Joel Granata, spokesman for St. Petersburg Fire & Rescue. The man, whose name was not released, is in his 20s, Granata said.

And then this:

Officials are investigating how the fall occurred.

We weren’t there, of course. But we can save officials a bit of time on this one. You might recall that these calamaties always happen at pro games, not college. Ask yourself: what do they do at pro games that they don’t at college games? Anything we can blame this on? Ah yes, T-Pain, I think you know:

Ah yes, that’s right. Fans get drunk at pro games. And drunk people, as we all know, are just one sloped surface away from being stunt men.

Sure, you might think it’s a little shady to go around posting music while an unidentified man fights for his life. Allow us to retort. He’s already injured. We just decided to make the most of the situation and get people dancing. Score, us. 1-0, SbB. Still our serve.