T.O. Finds Perfect Source For Attention: His Blog

From the “Why hasn’t this happened already?” department comes news of Cowboys wide receiver/narcissistic superfreak Terrell Owens‘ personal blog on YARDBARKER, making him the latest professional athlete to link up with the user-generated web site. If T.O.’s first entry is any indication, we’re going to see a whole lot of discussion whenever he writes anything.

Terrell Owens
(Finally, a chance for T.O. to do this in words.)

For the record, Owens’ first post consisted of three sentences, with a total of 50 words (punctuation not included), all directed as a subtle shot toward former Vikings wideout-turned-ESPN announcer and commentator Cris Carter. Of course, Carter started the whole virtual slap-fight himself when he said, when asked what he’d do with Owens, that he’d “take one bullet and put it right in (him). Bam!

That sounds like a legitimate beef to us, and Owens tactfully — or in what seems to be a tactful manner — declined to order a jihad on Cris, instead trying to subtly turn the tables on the comment. Of course, that hasn’t kept the commentators from obliterating T.O. in the post’s threads, with a predominantly Philadelphia crowd calling out Owens’ entire career within the parameters of the Carter comment.

Within seconds, this comment popped up, from a commentator not so surreptitiously named phitins26:

do you have your “popcorn ready” to watch the eagles in the playoffs from the couch this year?

Guess how long it took for another Eagles fan to jump on the bandwagon? Just seconds. And then they started attacking in droves, with a handful landing significant body blows to the receiver’s image, many which were full of the cogent points Philly fans have clearly been waiting a year to get off their chest:

From justwannawinna:

My question to you is why would you leave a future HOF QB for a mediocre QB who has more than enough talent around him to win but still can’t get it done? ITS been 2, 3YRS T.O. you couldve had 2, 3 rings by now..

From eagleman11:

T.O. man you are a great talent….I liked you in frisco and loved you your first year in Philly…The thing I have been wanting to say to you since was ……Why??? If you want a raise you show up to work and do your job let your performance speak for you……….Tell the truth …you want to go back to Philly don’t ya???

From webkid30:

That’s wrong what he said, but we all know it’s a metaphore for saying that he wouldn’t want you on his team. TO, you’re what, 35? How have you not figured this out or grown up? There’s a reason why you’ve never won a superbowl and it’s because you make your teammates worse. You whine, cry, and blame everyone else when things go wrong. Grow up. Look at what happened when the Giants lost Shockey and his big mouth last year. Superbowl!

From eagles1111:

Hey TO it’s alot different here than your website isnt it. You actually hear people speak the truth when you don’t have MODs deleteing anything that poor little TO wouldnt want to hear. You had your chance at a ring here in philly and blew it. Your washed up and you’ll never win a SB. Have fun watching the playoffs at home this season.
PS Jason is Tony’s favorite target dosent that suck

And it just keeps going and going and going … and going. Seriously. There’s 489 comments! Four-hundred and eighty-nine! Nearly all of them devolve into tit-for-tat insults between Eagles fans and Cowboys fans, with Giants fans occasionally jumping on the pile just for the hell of it.

Will the hyper-interest in any mundane comment from Owens’ mouth to a computer screen keep blowing up like Drew Rosenhaus’ cell phone? Who knows. The odds are good. After all, has anyone ever met a Philadelphia native who ran out of vitriol? Didn’t think so.

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