To Catch a Pitcher: ATL Prospect Caught In Sting

WFTV-TV in Orlando has real time video this week of Atlanta Braves pitching prospect Deunte Heath getting busted on Thursday evening by Kissimmee (FL) police in a Craigslist prostitution sting.

Deunte Heath busted for prostitution

Heath, a 2006 Atlanta draft pick from the Univ. of Tennessee, was in Braves major league camp competing for a roster spot. He’s since been suspended indefinitely by the MLB team and sent packing to his home in Atlanta.

Deunte Heath busted for prostitution

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The ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION has more details on Heath’s bust and charges.

Heath was one of nine people arrested Wednesday and Thursday. He was charged with “assignation to commit prostitution” and entering a dwelling to commit prostitution.

Miller said Heath responded after seeing one of the advertisements the department’s tactical unit had posted on the two sites.

“Mr. Health called our decoy and set up a date for $75 for a sex act,” Miller said.

The call was recorded and in that conversation Heath, 24, and the decoy discussed what he would get for $75, she said.

Heath was arrested around 6 p.m. Thursday when he arrived at an apartment used in the operation.

In what was probably overkill, the TV station hounded Heath after he posted bond and was released from a local jail. That video, rather than compelling, comes off as more comical than anything - considering Heath isn’t exactly a hardened criminal.

David O’Brien of the AJC gets this reax from Braves camp:

Braves pitcher Tommy Hanson, who played with Heath during stints in Class A Rome and Myrtle Beach, as well as Class AA Mississippi, was stunned at the news about a person he considered a good teammate.

“He’s one of my favorite guys I’ve ever played with,” Hanson said Friday morning. “He’s an awesome dude. He would do anything for anybody. That looks bad on his character, but that’s not who he is. He’s a really good guy.”

Heath isn’t exactly what you’d consider a hot prospect, so this sort of thing could indeed be damaging to his career. The Braves, like all MLB teams, are less likely to put up with fringe players if they can’t stay out of legal trouble off the field.

More specifically the Braves, like all MLB teams, are also less likely to put up with fringe players if they can’t stay out of legal trouble off the field AS VIDEOTAPED BY THE LOCAL NEWS.