TMZ: Child Services Visit Came After “Complaint” has an anon-sourced follow on the allegation that officials from Florida’s state child and family protection agency visited Tiger Woods home with a police escort Saturday.

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren

A representative from the Department (DCF) went to Tiger Woods’ home Friday for a “well-being check.” The official says the Department received a complaint — though we do not who it was from or the nature of the complaint. The Department then got in touch with the Orange County Sheriff to help get through security at Tiger’s gated community.

We’re told the visit was not part of an investigation, but rather a routine procedure when a complaint is lodged. The Department not only evaluates the safety of the children but the adults in the house as well. A formal investigation has not been opened — the case is being evaluated.

What we still don’t know is what prompted the complaint, and when it was lodged.

Radar reported that the investigation was the result of Woods’ car accident, but the DCF source in TMZ’s report doesn’t make that link. If the child and family services investigation was derived from the car accident, why would DCF officials wait this long to visit the Woods home?

TMZ, probably not coincidentally, also noted in its report, “The Department not only evaluates the safety of the children but the adults in the house as well.”

Perhaps that indicates that state officials were not there to investigate anything involving the children of Woods and Elin Nordegren, but the couple themselves.

The million dollar question is who made the complaint, when was it made and why was it made. If that information comes out, it’ll go a long way to understanding what is happening with the family. If course, that’s a closely-guarded secret that may never be known.