Titans Were Late To The Party On Pacman Jones Predraft Scouting Report

TITANS LATE TO PACMAN JONES’ PRE-DRAFT PARTY LINE: The only thing interesting about the NFL combine this weekend, besides Brady Quinn’s audition for the World Strongman Competition and watching Rich “Hollywood” Eisen live a life of quiet desperation in Indy, is Jim Czarnecki’s hilarious hearsay report of Pacman Jones’ prophetic 2006 pre-draft behavior, as chronicled by the questionable character witness Mike Ornstein.

Pacman Jones

Ornstein, the former toilet cleaner for the Oakland Raiders, who has endured a tenuous relationship with Reggie Bush as his lackey marketing agent, remembers to Czarnecki Jones’ fly-by-night behavior before the Titans’ unfortunate decision to make him the #6 overall pick in the NFL draft: “Pacman was in New York City and Fisher wanted him to fly to Nashville prior to the draft. Well, he skipped his first flight.

He was having too much fun in NYC. Ornstein, who was trying to sign Pacman to a Reebok deal, was told to get Pacman on the next plane out of LaGuardia. Well, Ornstein went through security with Pacman and escorted him to the departure gate. He watched Pacman get onto the plane.

However, the next phone call from Fisher said it all. Pacman didn’t arrive on his scheduled flight. Yes, he slipped back off the plane at LaGuardia when Ornstein turned his back. There was simply too much partying to do in Manhattan.

Pacman Jones Strip Club Shooting Las Vegas NBA All-Star Game

Actually, that’s an unfair assessment of Pacman’s behavior. He actually just wanted to make sure he didn’t miss an audition to replace Tom Bosley as Glad Bag’s corporate spokesman.