Titans Try Out New Same-Name Offensive Scheme

People simply won’t give up on the 2005 draft class. Vince Young and Reggie Bush are gonna show y’all someday that they’re better than Mario Williams.* And the Tennessee Titans certainly qualify as “people” - they need Vince to be good. Otherwise … well, they won’t.

Vince Young

Which is why they fired brilliant offensive mastermind-guru type Norm Chow and hired someone else (seriously, no one’s an upgrade, guys). Until you realize, via THE SCORE, what Mike Heimerdinger has in store for this team to shock opposing defenses - the ole’ Same Name System.

That’s right. The Titans currently have two, count em — two! — Chris Davises on their roster, both wide receivers, both similar numbers:

Meet Chris Davis: 5’10,” 181 lbs, 24 years old, jersey number 17. The Titans picked him out of Florida State in the fourth round of the 2007 draft.

And meet Chris Davis: 5’10,” 180 lbs, 24 years old, jersey number 19. The Titans picked him up this off-season after the Jets let him go.

One pound and two jersey numbers separate the two.

Wikipedia sends you on a bit of a wild goose chase to find the two, but Chris C. Davis is the Titans’ 2007 draft pick, while Chris T. Davis is the newer addition.

And somehow, NFL.com is playing along by posting the player pages (see above links) with identical pictures! The confusion! The horror! The intrigue!

Will defenses be able to match up against this scheme and stop the Titans in 2008? Highly unlikely. In fact, the only situation I can see that involves this ending badly for the Titans is Vince Young not being able to distinguish between the two himself.

But he’s a smart enough guy to be able to figure that out right?

Oh. Right. Well, this might not end well after all.

*Not a true statement.