Texans Fumble Away Chance At Upsetting Colts

Matt Schaub might have been the one who missed today’s game for the Houston Texans against the Indianapolis Colts, but by the end of the game it was probably his replacement Sage Rosenfels who felt even more sick. Thanks to his three turnovers late in the fourth quarter, the Colts were able to come back from a 17-point deficit in the final 4:04 and take down the Texans 31-27.

Sage Rosenfels

The Texans’ come from ahead loss was the big news, but the early games on Sunday were filled with shocking results across the board. When Atlanta can go on the road and beats Green Bay despite a gutty performance by Aaron Rodgers, and that’s a bit of an afterthought, that tells you just how nutty the early games were in Week 5.

Back to the Colts/Texans game for a minute: Not to place too much emphasis on one game a few weeks into the season, but if the Colts lose, they are 1-3 and in dire straits. Not that 2-2 feels a lot better, especially with AFC South rival Tennessee winning on Sunday to go to 5-0. But at least they are within striking distance.

Amazingly, the Dolphins are still very much in striking distance in the AFC East following their 17-10 victory over the San Diego Chargers. Of course, even at 2-3 the Chargers are very much in striking distance in the AFC West, just because that division is so terrible. But at least there were no last-second passes to ruin the day for Charger fans - just a good old-fashioned loss.

And now on to the Falcons vs. Packers. After a week of speculation, Aaron Rodgers did start despite a bum shoulder. And he was great: 25-for-37 for 313 yards with three touchdowns and an interception. But the Falcons’ QB, rookie Matt Ryan, was pretty good too, throwing for almost 200 yards and a pair of scores, and when you combine that with a 121-yard rushing game from Michael “Glad to be Far Away from San Diego” Turner, you get a 27-24 road win for the Falcons.

And oh yeah, the Redskins continued to look like they might be the best team in the NFC after beating the Eagles 23-17. If you care about that sort of thing.