Titans DE Guarantees Team Will Lose This Year

It’s a well-known tradition that players don’t admit they’re looking ahead to the playoffs even when they have a large lead on the division, instead settling for the time-tested phrase “we’re taking it one game at a time”. So you know the Titans aren’t going to get ahead of themselves by talking about the perfect season. But defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch’s guarantee that they’re definitely going to lose a game this year might be taking it too far.

Kyle Vanden Bosch

(Vanden Boschtradamus?)

The key quote comes from an interview Vanden Bosch gave with FOX SPORTS on Friday. When asked about the Titans chances to go 16-0, he cut off the interviewer right away: “We’re going to lose a game.” And this Bears fan hopes that games comes tomorrow.

More from the FOX SPORTS interview:

“We’re going to lose a game,” Vanden Bosch said inside the locker room at Titans headquarters. “We’re going to lose more than a game. I don’t think anybody here is talking about an undefeated season or expecting to go undefeated. We’re going to lose.

“At this point, we’ve put ourselves in good position to make the playoffs. That’s our goal.”

But honestly Kyle, there’s really no reason to even think twice about tomorrow’s contest against the Bears; Rex Grossman is the starter! Just go ahead and forget about preparing for it and look towards the rest of the season. And hey, if you lose against the Bears because you’re too busy looking ahead, then at least you won’t have to answer any more of those silly questions about the undefeated season. Right? Win-win.

Another good tidbit to come out of the interview is that Vanden Bosch feels the trade of “Don’t Call Me Pacman” Jones made the team better with a bit of the old “addition by subtraction”:

Vanden Bosch admits Tennessee’s off-season trade of Jones to Dallas “has made things easier” for Titans players.

“Every week, we’ve just been able to focus on our next opponent and not talk about off-the-field things,” Vanden Bosch said.

While that’s all well and good, does it make up for the ability to tell “make it rain” jokes in the locker room? This reporter thinks not.