Titans Cheerleader Uses Free Time To Fix Brains

As you know, we here at SbB are determined to show you dear readers that cheerleaders are more than just pretty faces on top of hot bodies jumping and gyrating inside tight little outfits. A couple of weeks ago we told you about how hard that the Chargers cheerleaders work to entertain the masses on Sunday, and today we bring you the story of a very special cheerleader.

Melissa Tennessee Titans cheerleader

Melissa spends her Sundays in front of 70,000 fans getting them pumped up to help the Tennessee Titans vanquish their foes. A classically trained ballerina, Melissa brings a little more class to her dance routines, even if she’s not performing in a tutu. Of course, being a ballerina is only one of Melissa’s many talents. If she needs to, she can also take a look at your brain and figure out why you’re such an idiot.


But when she’s not performing on Sundays, she’s busy working in a science lab as a full-time molecular neuroscience researcher while working toward a career in medicine.

Melissa enjoys touchdowns and field goals almost as much as beakers, labs and learning about disorders of the brain. Among the things she studies is schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and Parkinson’s disease.

“Generally yes, people are a little bit surprised (by my career,)” she said.

“We kind of are trying one-by-one to kind of break that stereotype and hope people can realize that just because you like to dance and like to cheer and you’re a performer and you’re a beautiful girl, that doesn’t mean that you’re just a beautiful girl on the outside. We do have good qualities, and we’re smart, intelligent people.”

See? Not only is Melissa beautiful, but she can also help you figure out why there’s a voice in your head that keeps telling you to burn things. Now if only there was something she could do to help Vince Young’s depression.

Melissa Tennessee Titans cheerleader

Oh, and since I know you’re all wondering, a quick peek at her profile on the Titans website tells us that Melissa is single, fellas. Though I must admit I’m somewhat surprised that a woman as smart as Melissa would list Entourage as her favorite television show. I guess a brain that works as hard as hers just needs some time off once in a while.