Tip: Don’t Call Rick Reilly’s Girlfriend A “Stripper”

HG of YOU BEEN BLINDED pulls an all-nighter in covering an ESPN party in L.A. that featured Rick Reilly and Chad Johnson.

Rick Reilly Stripper Girlfriend

I’m happy to report that ESPN’s new $17M man didn’t disappoint, noting with distinct displeasure a post about his girlfriend by EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY: “There’s a site, Every Day Should Be Saturday, that wrote some bull—- about us (gesturing to his girlfriend) that was just wrong. They didn’t double check, they didn’t call me, they just printed it.

The post of which Reilly speaks:

Department of Specious Rumors: Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated allegedly made himself at home in Baton Rouge on Saturday night:

The pressbox gets a call from press will call saying that somebody claiming to be Rick Reilly is here wanting up to the press box. One of the SID’s goes downstairs to check (Reilly had not requested any credentials before hand) and in fact it was Rick Reilly. He appeared to be drunk/stoned and was accompanied by a blonde that my friend’s wife described as “looking like a stripper.” Given that it was Rick Reilly, he was allowed up to the press box. Where he proceeded to spend the whole game making out with his friend. One of the other SIDs was quoted saying “those two need a room bad.”

I guess Reilly missed the “specious rumors” header.

To be fair, the stripper comment was a cheap shot, and the “making out” part was probably exaggerated (considering the lack of the level of sexual experience possessed by most typical press boxers).

Having been in thousands of press boxes myself over the years, I’m thinking that bringing a woman who isn’t your wife into an environment like that, especially when everyone in there is already insanely jealous of you, is probably not the best idea.

Half Nekkid Chad Johnson ESPN Mag Cover

But I don’t have Century City Hollywood parties featuring pictures of a half-nekkid Chad Johnson thrown for me. So what do I know?