Time To Go To Football PractiGYEEEAARARRRGH

Somewhere, society got the notion that God strikes down blasphemers with a bolt of lightning. We’re pretty sure that’s inaccurate on several levels, not the least of which is the fact that Zeus is nowhere to be found in the Bible.

Jesus struck by lightning
(God smiting His own people? It’s more likely than you think.)

If He does do his smiting with a bolt of lightning - which, we must admit, is admirable for its elegance - he is obviously not above doing so to students at Christian schools, as we just found out at a football practice at Pinewood Christian Academy in Georgia.

As the AUGUSTA CHRONICLE reports, a 14-year-old is hospitalized after getting skyzapped:

Witnesses reported hearing a loud boom and seeing a cloud of dust outside Pinewood Christian Academy when lightning struck Wednesday, sending football players scrambling from the practice field, said Claxton Fire Chief Harold Rogers.

Evans County Sheriff Randall Tippins said the injured student, William Dalton Raulerson, was taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, where he was in serious condition Thursday.

NO! No! Bad God! Strike down the infidels! Some poor freshman at football practice cannot possibly be Holy Enemy Number One.

The scary part is that, according to witnesses, the sky was clear at the time. Regulations prohibit outdoor athletic activities with lightning visible - for good reason, as has just been ably demonstrated - but if the lightning introduces itself to the neighborhood by taking someone out before the clouds even show up? Pardon the inapt expression, but good heavens.

All things considered, though, as long as Raulerson survives and recovers, well… it could have been worse.