Tim Tebow Turns Down Playboy All-American Offer

It’s safe to say that Tim Tebow enjoys posing for pics with lovely ladies of the fairer sex, such as this bikini babe posing by the local pool, or the hardworking girls of the Gainesville Hooters. However, it appears that the Florida QB draws the limit at being associated with gals who go in the buff.

Tim Tebow Playboy Ashley Harkleroad

FLORIDA TODAY reports that Tebow turned down an invitation to be included on Playboy’s All-American roster. Well, actually it was Florida SID Zack Higbee who told the magazine that Tim’s not titillated to be seen in the pages between the Playboy Forum & this month’s centerfold (sorry, Ashley Harkleroad):

Higbee, who works closely with Tebow on his media obligations, didn’t even bother to discuss the matter with the Tebow, who recently won an ESPY Award for top college male athlete, until months later. He figured Tebow’s religious beliefs would cause him to decline, anyway. Higbee said it came up in a conversation recently, and Tebow was fine with the decision.

Besides, who has time for a Playboy photo op when there are kids in the Philippines that desperately need circumcisions?

Playboy’s photo director & senior VP Gary Cole respects Tebow’s decision, but believes that Tim will be missing out on fun for the whole family:

“I don’t hate it when someone has all the facts, understands what our weekend and our history is and then chooses not to attend,” Cole told Florida Today. “I do hate it when someone bases their choice on false or incomplete information. . . . The weekend (in Phoenix) is completely wholesome. I have always brought my children whether they were one or 16 years old. It’s a really special few days when these fellows get the opportunity to meet each other and spend a little time together. Friendships are formed at these weekends that last a lifetime.”

But if Tim wants to skip out on such an opportunity, so be it. Playboy doesn’t want him to be their All-American QB, anyway:

“To be honest, Pat White was my choice from very early on . . . actually the end of last season,” Cole said. “I love the way he plays the game. I love what he has accomplished in his career at West Virginia. He’s a senior. Tebow will probably be around for a couple of more years. So we still have the chance to have him on the team whether or not he chooses to attend (the Playboy function honoring him).”

West Virginia fans Pat White baby

So there!