Tebow Won’t Sign Autographs: Thank You Ebay!

There’s a lot of things you can say about Tim Tebow - his Christian act can come across as really self-righteous, his motivational barking and woofing on the sideline can seem overblown, you get the picture - but it’s pretty hard to claim that he’s not a good person. He really does do a lot of charity work, and despite the University of Florida asking him not to sign autographs last season, he continued to do so because he felt like he’d be letting down his fans if he didn’t.

Tim Tebow autographed SI cover

($36.99 and it’s yours … much to Tebow’s chagrin.)

Well, now he’s pulled the rug out from that practice, deciding that too many of his autograph seekers are trying to profit off his collegiate fame. According to the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES’ GATOR REPORT, Tebow is backing off from signing for everyone, largely because he thinks half of the stuff he signs is ending up on eBay.

And he’s right. While the GATOR REPORT post claimed there were 66 eBay items that claimed to be signed by Tebow, we could only find 16. But of those 16, four of them were from one store alone, a Houston vendor calling itself photoplace77055.

The Tebow-signed memorabilia was selling for anywhere from $4.75 (the photos at photoplace77055) to $599.99 (an “Iconic Ink Autograph Card from Rookiecards.com’s Rookie Cards Store). That’s a pretty big range, but if you added up the value of all the signed Tebow goods on eBay, you’d come out with a tidy sum of $874.82. That’s not a bad haul for standing around a college football field and hounding a guy for his signature.

“I always take the positive in everybody that they are really a fan,” Tebow said. “But, obviously, they are not. Stuff gets on eBay every day. So I would love to go out there and sign for every kid, but they don’t really want me to because a lot of it is going to be put on eBay and that’s just not good for the Gators.”

Is $874.82 worth not signing autographs for little kids? That’s up to Tebow, but it’s certainly understandable that he’s pissed off about it. After all, he can’t get paid anything for playing through shoulder injuries and winning multiple national championships, but some lackey can con him into signing his name on a Sports Illustrated issue and sell it for a heavy load? That doesn’t seem right to us, either.