Tim Tebow Injury Update: A ‘Normal’ Concussion

Jeremy Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel just posted the latest info on Tim Tebow’s head injury last night:

Tim Tebow Injury Update


Craig Howard, Tebow’s former high school coach at Jacksonville Nease and close family friend, told the Sentinel he got word from Tebow’s parents that the concussion is “mild” or “normal.”

Howard noted that Tebow would have stayed at the hotel longer if there was serious brain swelling or bleeding, common results of severe concussions.

Tebow is indeed out of the hospital and taking a private jet back to Gainesville today. In Fowler’s post, “hotel” should be “hospital.”

More details are also coming out about Tebow’s experience immediately after the hit.

Late Saturday evening, Tebow was scheduled to enter the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit but did not because of the unit’s capacity, according to a hospital source. Tebow was moved to one of more than 400 private rooms in the eight-floor hospital, according to the source.

Gators fans can breathe easier after about 12 hours between the hit and his release. Gators players said Tebow was coherent from the sidelines before being taken to an ambulance while vomiting into a bag.

I’m not so sure I would characterize any concussion as “normal”, but I suppose the news is as good as one could’ve expected based on the nature of Saturday’s violent collision. (Not sure what a “severe” concussion would entail. Detachment of some sort?)

Now the next thing will be an update on Tebow’s “respiratory illness“, which is better known as Swine Flu.