Russert Remembered As Die-Hard Buffalo Bills Fan

Shocking to hear that Tim Russert died on Friday, apparently collapsing from a heart attack while doing voiceovers for Sunday’s “Meet The Press”.

Tim Russert

In addition to being a political analyst, NBC bureau chief & board member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Russert was also a big Buffalo Bills fan.

And USA TODAY’s GAME ON pays tribute to the late Bills backer by re-telling a college speech Tim gave on supporting his favorite NFL team through thick & thin.

In 2005, Russert gave the commencement address at American University in Washington, DC. And he dedicated part of his speech to his beloved Bills:

“Graduating from AU has given you incredible advantages over others in your generation. Yes, I too have heard smug remarks about non Ivy League schools. You think you have it bad, you should try being a Buffalo Bills fan in Washington, DC.

“I actually took ‘Meet the Press’ to the Super Bowl a few years back. At the end of the program I looked at the camera and said, ‘Now its in God’s hand. God is good and God is just, please God, one time, Go Bills!’

My colleague, Tom Brokaw, jumped up and said, ‘You Irish Catholics from South Buffalo are shameless. You can’t pray on the public airwaves.’ I said, ‘You’ll see the power of prayer, Brokaw.’

Well the Dallas Cowboys slipped by the Bills, 52-17. After the game, the first person I saw, of course, was Brokaw who yelled across the room, ‘Hey Russert, I guess God is a Southern Baptist.’”

We wonder if the Bills might plan some kind of remembrance of Russert at the start of next season. Or at least before they move to Toronto.