Tim Hardaway Doesn’t Hate Gay People Anymore

Tim Hardaway showed up on 790 The Ticket’s Dan Le Batard Show on Wednesday, returning a year after his last appearance caused quite a stir.

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The last time Hardaway was on Le Batard’s show, the ex-NBA’er went off on a anti-gay rant when asked about John Amaechi coming out. Tim had eventually told the listening audience, “I hate gay people.”

But 12 months and one car wash loss later, Hardaway says he’s a changed man.

As he confessed to Le Batard:

I have found out through counseling…going through counseling and understanding what I said was totally wrong, and I gave people…permission to go out and hurt gay people, you know, beat ‘em up, kick out your son and daughter out of the house and not treat ‘em as people.

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They are people. We should treat them as people. They are citizens of the United States. I just want everybody to know I did a bad thing, and now I understand what I did, and I corrected it, and I went to counseling to understand why I did that, and understand that I’m a better person now from that.”

For those who don’t believe Hardaway has softened his stance, he invites folks to chat with him about it:

If you want to come after me, come after me, don’t come after my family, you know, be big enough to come after me and talk to me as a person, and I will be able to talk to you. I’m not gonna bite your head off. I’m a loving person. I’m not a guy that’s…um, you know, uh, is angry or is, uh, hate anybody. I don’t hate anybody, I’m a loving human being.”

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Hardaway said that through counseling, he was able to reason why he would lash out at the homosexual community:

Basically why I said it was because, you know, it was just me, uh, like somebody telling me, you know, that I was, uh, uh, uh, gay or whatever, and I was just coming out towards them and lashing out towards them, and I was taking out my frustrations out on them.”

Le Batard asked Hardaway if he cried during his counseling sessions. Tim responded, “Yes, I did cry …. I’m not ashamed to say I shed some tears … because I hurt a lot of people, and I’m not that type of person.”

But before signing off, Le Batard threw out the same question that set off Hardaway the last time: “How would you deal with a gay teammate?”

I would rather him tell me and let me take care of that situation, you know, in the locker room, so we could live as a family. Just don’t go out after your career’s over and say it. Tell me while you’re there, and then I’ll be able to deal with it there.”

So, that was the whole problem all along. If Amaechi had just come out while he was still playing, Timmy wouldn’t have lashed out like that, and could have “taken care of that situation” his own way. Hmmm.

Audio of the full interview can be found here.