Tim Brando Update: “I Don’t Work For ESPN, Pal”

During one of his regular, delightful appearances on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network, Tim Brando related fond memories of his days working at ESPN.

Tim Brando

.. Okay.

Maybe not.

Brando did previously work at ESPN and could be seen reporting for the network in ESPN’s Pony Excess documentary - which first aired Saturday night after the Heisman Trophy ceremony.

More fun from Brando yesterday on Twitter:

“Under no circumstances will I respond to another Auburn tweet. The level of ignorance is too great to overcome.”

Brando is one of the very, very few of the old media guard to embrace Twitter.

Those who say he has an insufferable ego are obviously unaware of Brando’s willingness to engage in conversation with individual fans in that medium on an almost daily basis. I’ll take Brando over the other ancients who think they’re above engaging the unwashed.

Twitter has given us a whole new perspective, good and bad, of various sports personalities. In Brando’s case, at the very least, he’s made himself more relevant in a business that has rendered many of his blissfully ignorant contemporaries irrelevant.

For better or worse. sports media is now more about immediacy than anything else. That’s reality. You can either be part of the future or be left behind.

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