Tim Brando To Radio Caller: You Shut The Hell Up

For those of you who have always thought CBS sportscaster Tim Brando was a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode, you need not wait any longer. Brando, who is perhaps best known for his basketball catchphrase “the iron unkind,” was the guest on a radio show on Tuesday and absolutely destroyed a caller who challenged his opinion.

Tim Brando

Here’s how it went: on the Paul Finebaum Show, which is a syndicated sports talk show throughout the Southeast, a caller who is an Auburn fan challenged Brando about his contention that the university had become a joke for hiring Gene Chizik (and really, it’s not like Brando is the first person to come up with this). What follows is hilariously frightening. I wonder if Brando has gone off like this on Mike Gminski.

Transcription and audio after the jump:

AWFUL ANNOUNCING found a Youtube clip of the audio, and that’s where we get this:

Here’s a paraphrased version of the most entertaining part. “Gary” is the Auburn fan who unfortunately picked the wrong guy to mess with:

Gary: I’m tired of you running our university down

Tim: I’m not running your, hey, hang on just a minute, PAL!

Gary: Ahhhhh! Babble babble university Auburn babble babble

Tim: No, you shut the hell up! No, you listen to me! I’m the guest on this show!

Gary: I could care less!

Tim: I could care less about you. Don’t say I’m running down your university. I’m not running down your university. The decision makers at your university have become a national punchline, period! 

Gary: Babble babble, you talk about a punchline? You’re a joke, brother. You’re a joke.

Tim: Well, you know what, if you want to play something besides football you come see me, big fella!

Gary: *click*

Tim (after awkward silence): Well, I love when that happens!

The scope of Tim’s challenge is impressive. Anything other than football? Bocce? Skysurfing? Hungry Hungry Hippos?

Finebaum was clearly rattled by the exchange, and tried to move on to the next caller as quickly as possible. Brando, who’s been a sports radio guy himself for many years, is used to sparring with fans. He riled Ohio State fans in 2002 by calling them a “bad 12-0 team” and predicted they’d get blasted by Miami in the national championship game.  And we all know how solid that prediction was.

One thing is very clear in all of this though, and that is that Gary was…

Tim Brando