Tila Tequila Attacks Via Twitter, Shows Off Bruises

As the Tila Tequila-Shawne Merriman saga lurches forward, America is soberly reminded once again what it has wrought with its obsession with reality TV. If no one had watched “Shot at Love,” she’d still be Tila Nguyen, and none of this would be happening. Let this be a lesson to all of us.

Shawne Merriman, Tila Tequila

Then again, we never would have had the Penthouse Forum-worthy story from yesterday, of how Merriman (allegedly) had a threesome in the works, and asked Tila to join in. This enraged the tiny reality star, who reacted the way most of us would: By getting naked and running outside. Now we may have official assault charges against Merriman (she says he choked her). And Tila is keeping the pressure on with multiple Tweets last night about her situation. Because you’ve got to win the public relations war before you can win in court.

Our scene, Tila Tequila’s Twitter page, about 4 a.m. last night:

Any attorneys reading this? Please advise. Meanwhile, from E ONLINE:

Now it’s up to the D.A. to sort out the whole sordid mess.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has handed off its evidence in the he-said, she-said case between the 27-year-old Shot at Love babe and the 25-year-old star NFL linebacker, and now it’s up to prosecutors to determine whether to press charges.

Even though a tentative court date has been set, district attorney spokesman Steve Walker tells E! News, “We don’t really have a timeline.”

Meanwhile, more fun Tila Tweets from last night. Selected examples in chronological order:

But because HE IS GUILTY…..he feels it right to justify and release as many horrible stories about me as possible to cover himself….3:29 AM Sep 10th from web

lets say U cheated on someone…You would make up all these excuses 2 why you came home late right? But the other person is just chillen…3:31 AM Sep 10th from web

U see my point here? Those who are guilty..talks the most because they know they are guilty. So the need 2 do as much as they can 2 cover up3:33 AM Sep 10th from web

I mean…the past few days, I have been publicly SLANDERED in EVERY way possible! Most people would be ANGRY…but I haven’t retaliated…3:36 AM Sep 10th from web

Soooo….only someone who is that desperate would go to the mainstream media and say all those things. Because he is guilty. I rest my case.3:41 AM Sep 10th from web

Yes. He got all of his people to write up stories about me and released it to the press so they would have the stories out there ASAP!3:45 AM Sep 10th from web

To cover his ass. Damage control. Blame Tila. Make her look bad. Send it out to the media so they dont believe her! Quick! Cover it up!3:45 AM Sep 10th from web

I mean….first he says Im drunk…now he says Im jealous cuz he was having threesomes, I mean…get it together with those stories! LOL3:47 AM Sep 10th from web

Cuz IF he really was innocent, he wouldn’t sweat it. He would just be like…ahh **** that bitch is lying anyway…lets focus on football..3:49 AM Sep 10th from web

So ya’ll pray 4 me…No 1 should ever go through what I have..and even worse…get bashed for it in public…but I take the high road….4:03 AM Sep 10th from web

Yes, Tila. Indeed you do.

As mentioned by Richard in Speed Read this morning, Tila Twittered that she was meeting with the San Diego DA’s office this morning, which was news to the San Diego DA’s office. She has since deleted that Tweet. A reporter then talked to her briefly as she was sitting in a car, and she showed bruises on her arm allegedly inflicted by Merriman. It’ll be up to the DA to decide if she’s telling the truth about that.

Then, we’ll all march off to court. The Chargers are gonna love that.