Tiki: Media Prospects Why He Wasn’t Team Player

Tiki Barber has shown a penchant for inviting bad publicity into his life since he left his 8-months pregnant wife (with twins) of 11 years for a college-age, former NBC intern. After seeing his short-lived NBC broadcast career implode following that revelation, Barber and his girlfriend, Traci Johnson, attempted to damage control his reputation with defensive displays on various celebutainment TV shows.

Tiki Barber booed at his own Ring of Honor ceremony

(Video of booing below)

Predictably, the tone deaf duo weren’t received well.

Barber’s regrettable post-marital behavior is most likely no surprise to New York Giants fans, who recently roundly booed him during - of all things - the former running back’s induction into the Giants’ Ring of Honor inside his former team’s home stadium.

Like his delusional defense of the handling of the breakup of his marriage, Barber responded to the ire of his home team fans with similar lack of self-awareness.

Barber on HBO’s Inside The NFL this week:

“I think it (the booing) stems from how I left the New York Giants. I retired at the top of my career. A lot of people didn’t want me to leave because of how effective I had become as a player, and I went directly into the broadcast booth.

So that’s why they were booing. H8TORZ, all of them!

Though Barber’s unwittingly provided justification for that fan reax in later explaining why he didn’t embrace his coaches and teammates while still immersed in what many would call the ultimate team game.

“I never wanted to compromise myself as a broadcaster by being overly friendly to the organization I played for.”

Again, that’s Barber explaining his behavior while he was still with the Giants as an active player.  In other words, he wasn’t a team guy back then because he knew he was going into broadcasting.

I think we can now pretty much exorcise that one scintilla of doubt anyone on the planet had in fully endorsing the embarrassing, verbal beating Barber took from Giants fans Sunday.

Last thing from Barber on the same HBO show:

“I’ve never wanted to come into broadcasting and be a guy who says a whole lot but says nothing. I’ve always wanted to be succinct and to the point about what my opinion is, based on what my experiences are. And if people hate me for that, they hate me. I’ve never been someone who said you have to love me in order for me to do my job or you have to hate me in order for me to be able to do my job. I’ve just wanted to tell the truth as I’ve experienced it.”

Did that sound succinct to you?