Tigers Tortured with Possibility of One More Day

Back in Spring Training many of the baseball experts had predicted the Detroit Tigers with their big name additions would be playing baseball beyond September 28th, the last day of the regular season. While the experts have been wrong about a plethora of predictions, this is one that they may very well have correctly called. Sort of.

Gary Sheffield

The Tigers and their 86 losses are on deck to play a make-up game on Monday against the Chicago White Sox, if the current half-game margin that separates the Sox from the first place Minnesota Twins stands after today’s games.

While the rest of the teams who didn’t perform well enough to make the playoffs get to go home and get in their golf shorts or fishing hats or beds filled with attractive and possibly disease-free females, the Tigers could be throwing on the blue and orange jerseys one last time.

After a six month-long season filled with disappointment after disappointment, loss after loss the last place Tigers must be pulling for the Twins, just to get this lousy season over. They don’t keep records of this kind of thing, but this has to be one of the first times in league that a last place club has had a valid reason to watch the scoreboard on the final day of the season.

One Tiger who might not mind the extra day, however, is Gary Sheffield. Sheff is currently sitting on 499 home runs. One more day to reach the 500 mark rather than having to wait through another long off-season doesn’t sound so bad; especially when you’re turning 40, your best years are behind you and the odds of you saying something that will make your current employer hate you in one of your post-season interviews are strong to very strong.